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Opening Hours:


Open 12-9:30pm


Open 12-9:30pm





Open 12-9:30PM

Open 12-9:30PM

Open 12-6:30PM


Welcome back to The Green Man!
Please Note That We are Not Open Inside - Outside Tables Only.

Garden & Marquee Tables are 1st Come 1st Serve. We Are Not Taking Reservations

Maximum grroup size of 6 people

Please Bring Your Phone as You'll Be Ordering Your Food & Drink Online Via The Orange Button Below When You Arrive.
See MENU & Order

If online ordering isn't something you're familiar with or if you have any trouble using this ordering system please let a member of staff know so that we can help you right away. It's designed to be quick and easy, so fingers crossed!

  • Join The Green Man wifi, there is no password required and it should have good signal throughout the front garden
  • Click on the 'See Menu & Order' button.
  • This will take you an online menu. Everything is broken down in to categories, like beer, wine, tapas, desserts etc. Just like on amazon or other online shops you can select the item you want and add it to your basket. 
  • When you're ready to order you must click on the basket icon and that will take you to the secure check out page. You will need to enter card details, but only the first time. So if you order a round of drinks on arrival, later on when you order your food you should be able to click through the checkout process fairly quickly and easily.
  • Please remember that as soon as you order items, we will start to prepare them. So, if you fancy a few drinks before you eat then just order rounds of drinks to start with, and place the food order when you're ready. If you would like tapas followed by a dessert, please don't order your puddings until you're ready for them to be prepared.
  • Your items will be delivered to a designated 'drop table' nearby. Our team will acknowledge you and check over the order from a distance to make sure you're happy. Then you'll need to get up and collect the items and take them to your bench.
  • If you'd like a drink top up during your time at The Green Man, please just jump right on to the online menu and order to your hearts content. You don't need to order everything at once, but if there are a few of you, you may like to consider a 4 pint jug of beer rather than a pint, and a bottle rather than a glass of wine, so that you hopefully won't run dry!
  • When you have finished with a plate or glass please pass its down to the edge of the table closest to the drop table so that a staff member can retrieve them easily. Please make space for our staff member to approach the table safely. If you don't pass down your plates to the end of the table we will not clear them until you have left the table.
  • Toilets will be open on a 1 in, 1 out basis, please be patient there may be a wait at peak times
  • Please note that our maximum group size is 6 people. 
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